Foundation for Sight and Sound

Mitch Shapiro’s Message

It’s easy to take two of our greatest gifts – vision and hearing – for granted. I know I certainly did. When Usher Syndrome began to rob me of sight and sound, I could not have imagined the impact of their absence…the countless ways in which the loss of sight and sound would steal my independence and enjoyment of life.

Being blind and deaf is not life threatening – it certainly is, however, life altering. As the population ages, more and more people may soon be forced to live without one or more senses.

One of the most important things I have learned through my personal experience is that there is only one way to move – forward.

“One step at a time.”

This is the approach we follow at The Foundation for Sight & Sound. We know we cannot cure the many causes of blindness and deafness, nor are we capable of removing all obstacles. What we can do, however, is help people come together.

We can make a difference in alleviating the challenges faced by individuals who are losing their hearing and vision. By providing critical funding for projects that relief auditory and visual obstacles, we are opening the doors to those who have been shut-out for far too long.

In many ways, I have been incredibly fortunate. Although, my sight has been reduced to a pinhole and my hearing is quickly fading, through the FSS, I have been given the opportunity to work with some incredibly beautiful people. We have formed an organization that envisions a world without limitations. And, I am immensely proud of what the Foundation has accomplished so far – but our journey has just begun.

Please join us in our mission. Let’s take the next step forward, together.

– Mitch

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