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When SIGHT dims to darkness...
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Since January 2009
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Help America Hear Program

help america hear

Foundation For Sight and Sound is proud to offer the Help America Hear Program which provides NEW high quality hearing aids Nationwide to men, women, and children with limited financial resources.

Please utilize the Help America Hear program as a LAST RESORT. As a prerequisite, we ask all applicants to exhaust all other financial resources including but not limited to, available credit, family support, money market accounts, mutual funds, 401(k) plans, trust funds, annuities, and savings/checking and State sponsored programs.

Help America Hear is made possible by the generosity of hearing health care professionals and manufacturers who donate their time and services. The program is also sponsored by our many corporate and private donors. We trust you will respect the integrity of the program and deeply appreciate the kindness of everyone involved.

How IT Works

Prospective applicants, who meet the criteria, go through an application process based on several factors:

  • Annual Gross Household Income (see below for Tiers)
  • Insurance Hearing Aid Benefits and/or co-pay,
  • Assets or investments, trusts etc., savings and/or checking
  • Hearing Loss must be moderate to profound.


  • Anyone who meets the criteria of Tier I or Tier II
  • Tier I is based on a Gross Household Income of $25,000 or less with NO hearing aid benefit or assets in the bank or investments
  • Tier II is based on a Gross Household Income of $35,000 or less with or without hearing aid benefit and limited financial assets.

Approved applicants are eligible to receive two hearing aids, custom ear molds and one year limited service.

After an application fee, (except Tier II) the only expenses are the cost of the hearing evaluation, Medical clearance, batteries, any accessories and extended loss & damage warranties (strongly recommended). These costs are not paid by Help America Hear.

**Applicants may only apply once every five years**


Enter your e-mail address below to begin the application process:

E-Mail Address:

Requirements for the Help America Hear Program fall into Two Tiers:

Tier 1:

Less than $25,000 in Gross Household Annual Income

NO Insurance coverage for hearing aids (does not include discount programs such as AARP)

Tier 1 Costs:

Application Fee: $250 for 2 aids, $125 for one

Tier 2:

Gross Household Annual Income of $25,001-$35,000
 Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids
 Medically Required Custom Hearing Aids

Tier 2 Costs:

Application Fee: $250 for 2 aids, $125 for one

Upon Approval: $800 for 2 aids, $400 for one

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